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Google Drive is an incredible cloud storage tool from Google. It is compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices. You can use Google Drive to keep track of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. You can even upload files, photos, and videos to your drive so you can access them from any device.

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While Google Drive has an intuitive user interface, you can enhance its capabilities by controlling and navigating your drive through keyboard shortcuts. Read or download this cheatsheet to know the useful Google Drive keyboard shortcuts.

G then AG then AGo to the download status panel.
G then CG then CGo to page content.
G then DG then DGo to the details/activity panel.
G then F or
G then N
G then F or G then NGo to the navigation panel.
G then LG then LGo to items view.
G then PG then PGo back one folder.
G then QG then QGo to the suggested panel.
G then TG then TGo to the top of the page.
G then UG then UGo to upload status.
Ctrl + F6Command + F6Go to the next region.
Ctrl + Shift + F6Command + Shift + F6Go to the previous region.
Ctrl + Alt + ,Ctrl + Option + ,Go to the Google Workspace sidebar.
Open Menus
AAOpen the more actions menu.
CCOpen create/new menu.
FFOpen current folder actions.
RROpen the sort menu.
TTOpen the settings menu.
XXSelect or deselect the item.
Shift + AShift + ASelect all items.
Shift + NShift + NClear all selections.
or Down Arrow
or Down Arrow
Select next item or move to next item.
or Up Arrow
or Up Arrow
Select previous item or move to up item.
or Right Arrow
or Right Arrow
Select next item to the right.
H or Left ArrowH or Left ArrowSelect next item to the left.
Shift + Down ArrowShift + Down ArrowExtend selection down while keeping Shift key pressed.
Shift + Up ArrowShift + Up ArrowExtend selection upwards while keeping Shift key pressed.
Shift + Right ArrowShift + Right ArrowExtend selection right while keeping Shift key pressed.
Shift + Left ArrowShift + Left ArrowExtend selection left while keeping Shift key pressed.
Move Between Items
Ctrl + Down ArrowCommand+ Down ArrowMove down to the next item without changing selection.
Ctrl + Up ArrowCommand + Up ArrowMove up to previous item without changing selection.
Ctrl + Right ArrowCommand + Right ArrowMove right to next item without changing selection.
Ctrl + Left ArrowCommand + Left ArrowMove left to previous item without changing selection.
Application Actions
DDShow or hide details pane.
EEShow or hide approvals pane.
IIShow or hide activity pane.
MMShow last message.
VVSwitch between grid and list in items view.
//Search Drive.
Ctrl + /Command + /View keyboard shortcuts list.
Ctrl + FCommand + FFind.
Ctrl + PCommand + PPrint.
Q then QQ then QChange row height and element spacing in list view mode.
Create and Upload
Shift + DShift + DCreate drawing.
Shift + FShift + FCreate folder.
Shift + LShift + LUpload folder.
Shift + OShift + OCreate form.
Shift + PShift + PCreate presentation.
Shift + SShift + SCreate spreadsheet.
Shift + TShift + TCreate document.
Shift + UShift + UUpload file.
Take Actions on Selected Items
Ctrl + CCommand + CCopy selected items.
Ctrl + XCommand + XCut selected items.
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste items from clipboard.
Enter or OEnter or OOpen selected item.
Ctrl + EnterCommand + ReturnOpen selected item in a new tab.
NNRename selected item.
PPPreview selected items.
SSStar or unstar selected items.
ZZMove selected items.
Shift + ZShift + ZAdd shortcuts for selected items.
..Share selected items.
# or Delete# or Fn + DeleteDelete selected items.

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