5 Cloud Storage Managers for Data Hoarders

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Cloud storage managers help out when you have a lot of data in several different cloud services. While it’s not always a good idea to rely on cloud service providers, if you’re always running out of space or in a disaster-prone place, you’ll want a backup on the Web – and add another backup for that backup. Take a look at our best picks for cloud storage managers to keep your hoarded data safe and synchronized among your cloud service providers!

1. MultCloud

Pricing: Free | $59.99 per year | $99.99 per year | $249 one-time payment

MultCloud is great if you want a set-it-and-forget-it system without having to worry about the small-but-important details every now and then. Just log in once, set the integrations, and watch your files sync themselves between cloud servers.

Multcloud Syncing Google Drive To Dropbox Cloud Sync Cloud Storage Manager

It can also speed up your cloud migration by uploading your files to a selected server in bulk. This cloud storage manager is great at handling files en masse, moving folders upon folders with a push of a button.


  • Supports 38 different cloud storage service providers
  • Free version works great
  • No downloads


  • No two-factor authentication
  • Does not support Apple iCloud

2. Zenko CloudServer

Pricing: Free

If you’re looking for a free and customizable cloud storage manager for your self-hosted server, Zenko CloudServer has your back. It’s open source, so you can modify your own fork for whatever your system needs it to do.

Zenko Orbit For Viewing Zenko Cloudserver Cloud Management Instance Storage Accounts View

Do note that Zenko CloudServer is 98% created with JavaScript. If you know how to work with Node.js, you’ll know how to make Zenko CloudServer do many things with your keyboard.


  • Deploy a temporary cloud server with sandbox mode
  • Zenko Orbit makes it even easier to manage multiple Zenko CloudServer instances


  • Not very user friendly for non-tech-savvy users
  • Limited cloud services available without modification

3. Insync

Pricing: 7-day free trial (Insync Desktop) | $11.99 one-time payment (Insync Desktop)

You can say that Insync often loses out compared to other cloud storage managers, as it can only send files between Google Drive accounts and your PC.

Insync Select Files To Sync

But Insync is useful specifically because it can send files between Google Drive accounts. It can be yours. It can be your co-worker’s. There aren’t many cloud storage managers that can do that. And for those that do, they usually aren’t as easy to use.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Works fast
  • Allows for rules and plans for syncing files


  • Can’t send files to other cloud services
  • With so many features, it has a bit of a learning curve

4. We.Team (Formerly Otixo)

Pricing: Free | $2.76 per year per user (Education) | $5.52 per year (Business)

You don’t have to be a data hoarder alone and can try hoarding data as a team. We.Team is like the offspring of a cloud storage provider and an instant messaging app.

We Team App File Sending From Google Drive

You get the best of both worlds with We.Team. You can chat and do video calls while passing files around. Also, you typically would not need to upgrade from the free version if you’re using it by yourself. The 5GB limit only affects the size of the files you’re sending to others.


  • Has free 27 GB cloud storage
  • Supports 37 cloud service providers


  • Price tag of less than $3 per user doesn’t seem much but adds up
  • For a hybrid chat app, does not have a dark mode

5. Mover.io

Pricing: Free

If Google Drive has Insync, then OneDrive has Mover.io. You can move files in an instant between OneDrive accounts. It also lets you send from PC to OneDrive.

Mover Io Selecting Folder To Send From Dropbox To Onedrive

Unlike most of the other cloud storage managers, this was designed to be a migration tool. When it sends files, it keeps everything intact – including permissions, authorship, and all other information found in each file’s metadata.


  • Allows migrating files from other cloud services to OneDrive
  • Sends files super fast


  • Limited to sending to either OneDrive or Office 365
  • Does not allow sending from OneDrive to other cloud services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cloud storage providers and cloud storage managers?

Cloud storage providers are cloud services that let you store files in a cloud server. On the other hand, cloud storage managers can manage the files you store into each cloud storage provider. They speed up the process for transferring files, so you won’t have to drag and drop each one by yourself.

Are cloud storage managers safe?

Generally, you’ll want to do your own research before using something that claims to be a “cloud storage manager.” They’re about as safe as any cloud service provider. Unless you made it and set it up by yourself, you’ll need to look at reviews before committing to one.

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