MakeTechEasier RSS Feed Terms

The RSS feeds are offered by Make Tech Easier. We offer the RSS service and content (“RSS Service”) provided that you abide by these terms. BY ACCESSING AND/OR USING THE RSS FEEDS, YOU AGREE ELECTRONICALLY TO THESE TERMS.

Use of RSS Feeds. Your use of the RSS Service is governed by the MakeTechEasier’s Terms of Use as supplemented by the additional terms below (the “Terms”). The RSS Service may be used only with newsreaders from which a functional link is made available that, when accessed, takes the viewer directly to the display of the full article on one of our Web sites. You must use the RSS feeds as provided by us. You understand and agree that the RSS feeds that are provided as part of the RSS Service may include footers to assure proper attribution for the content.

Restrictions. You may not display the RSS Content in a manner that does not permit successful linking to or redirection to our Web sites. You may not insert any intermediate page or other content between the RSS link and the landing page for the RSS feed. You may not (a) edit, modify, alter, or create derivative works of the text, content or links supplied by us, (b) use any robot, spider, other device or manual process to monitor or copy any content from the RSS Service or Weblogs, (c) sell, retransmit or commercially exploit the RSS Service, headlines or content in any manner except as expressly permitted by us, (d) incorporate advertising into or the placement of advertising associated with or targeted towards the RSS Service or (e) use the RSS Service for any unlawful purpose or in violation of the rights of others. We may include the author of each individual news story in the feed alongside each headline, which you may not alter.

You may not use the RSS Service or any of our content on a Web site or other property that:
* incites hatred whether based on race, religion, gender, sexuality or otherwise, or promote encourage or facilitate anti-social behavior,
* promotes, encourages or facilitates violence,
* promotes, facilitates or encourages illegal activity,
* contains material that is misleading, pornographic, defamatory, or illegal,
* infringes the rights of others, or
* infringes individual privacy.

Your Requirements. In order to use the RSS Service:
* You must be legally capable to enter into agreements.
* You must provide attribution to us in connection with your use of the feeds from the RSS Service. If you provide this attribution using a graphic, you must use the appropriate logo from our properties that we have incorporated into the RSS feed.

Ownership. We and our licensors retains all ownership and other rights in the RSS Service, and any logos and trademarks used in connection with the RSS Service, which are protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable laws.

Termination. We may change or discontinue providing any or all of the RSS feeds on the RSS Service at any time and to require you to cease displaying, distributing or otherwise using any or all of the RSS feeds for any reason including, without limitation, your violation of any provision of these Terms.

No Warranty. YOU ARE USING THE RSS SERVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We provide the RSS Service “AS IS,” without warranties, either express or implied, and with all faults. WE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES THAT THE RSS SERVICE IS MERCHANTABLE, ACCURATE, NON-INFRINGING, OR FIT FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSES. We make no representation or guarantees that RSS Service and its content will meet your requirements, be current or be available at all times and places.

Liability. You are solely responsible to make sure that your use of the RSS Feeds complies with applicable laws within your territory. We assume no liability for any of your activities in connection with the RSS Service or for your use of the RSS Service. IN CONSIDERATION FOR YOUR USE OF THE RSS SERVICE, YOU AGREE THAT TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, WE DISCLAIM, AND YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO RECOVER FROM US, ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RELATED TO THESE TERMS OR YOUR ACCESS AND USE OF THE RSS SERVICES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, CONSEQUENTIAL, LOST PROFITS, SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES. Your sole remedy is to discontinue your use of the RSS Service.

Miscellaneous. You agree to transact with us and to acknowledge your agreement to these terms electronically. By using the RSS Service, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth above as well as those in the MakeTechEasier Terms of Use, which are incorporated by reference. We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time; your ongoing use of the RSS Service after with post or notify you about the changes signifies your agreement to the updated Terms.