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Microsoft PowerPoint has remained the “go to” presentation app since Microsoft first released it in 1990. Despite its wild success, Microsoft PowerPoint can be a bit of a pain to navigate at times, both when creating and presenting your work. However, knowing some of the commonly used keyboard shortcuts for the program can help you save time and energy while you prepare and present your next PowerPoint at work or on the go.

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Frequently Used Shortcuts
Ctrl + NCommand + NMake a new presentation.
Ctrl + MCommand + Shift + NAdd a new slide.
Ctrl + XCommand + XCut selected object or text.
Ctrl + CCommand + CCopy selected object or text.
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste selected object or text.
Ctrl + ZCommand + ZUndo last performed action.
Alt + N, P, DInsert image.
Alt + N, S, HInsert shape.
Page downGo to next slide.
Page upGo to previous slide.
F5Command + Shift + ReturnStart slide show.
EscEscEnd slide show.
Ctrl + SCommand + SSave presentation.
Ctrl + QCommand + QClose PowerPoint.
Ribbon Navigation Shortcuts
(Windows Only)
Alt + FOpen the File Menu.
Alt + HOpen the Home tab.
Alt + NOpen the Insert tab.
Alt + J, IOpen the Draw tab.
Alt + GOpen the Design tab.
Alt + KOpen the Transitions tab.
Alt + AOpen the Animations tab.
Alt + SOpen the Slide Show tab.
Alt + ROpen the Review tab.
Alt + WOpen the View tab.
Alt + COpen the Recording tab.
Alt + Y, 2Open the Help tab.
Alt + QOpen the Search field.
Moving Between Views
Alt + V, then NCommand + 1Switch to Normal view.
Alt + V, then DCommand + 2Switch to Slide Sorter view.
Alt + V, then PCommand + 3Switch to Notes view.
Command + 4Switch to Outline view.
F5 (or Alt + V, then W)Command + Shift + ReturnSwitch to Slide Show.
Command + Ctrl + FSwitch to Full Screen.
Alt + F5Option + ReturnSwitch to Presenter view.
Shortcuts for Text Edits
Alt + N, XInsert text box.
Alt + N, WInsert Word Art.
Shift + Right arrowShift + Right arrowSelect one character to the right.
Shift + Left arrowShift + Left arrowSelect one character to the left.
Shift + Up arrowShift + Up arrowSelect one line up.
Shift + Down arrowShift + Down arrowSelect one line down.
Ctrl + Shift + >Command + Shift + >Increase font size.
Ctrl + Shift + <Command + Shift + <Decrease font size.
Ctrl + BCommand + BApply bold formatting.
Ctrl + ICommand + IApply italic formatting.
Ctrl + UCommand + UApply underline formatting.
Ctrl + ECommand + ECenter text.
Ctrl + LCommand + LLeft justify text.
Ctrl + RCommand + RRight justify text.
Ctrl + KCommand + KInsert hyperlink.
Ctrl + CCommand + CCopy text.
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy text formatting.
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste text.
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste text formatting.
Shortcuts for Objects
TabTabSelect the next object.
Shift + TabShift + TabSelect the previous object.
Ctrl + ACommand + ASelect all objects on a slide.
Arrow keysArrow keysMove a selected object.
Ctrl + GCommand + Option + GGroup selected objects.
Ctrl + Shift + GCommand + Option + Shift + GUngroup selected objects.
Alt + Right arrowOption + Right arrowRotate object clockwise.
Alt + Left arrowOption + Left arrowRotate object counterclockwise.
Command + Shift + 1Format selected object.
Shift + Arrow keysShift + Arrow keysResize object.
Ctrl + DCommand + DDuplicate object.
Ctrl + Shift + ]Send object to front.
Ctrl + Shift + [Send object to back.
Change Order of Slides
(Windows Only)
Ctrl + Up arrowMove slide or section up in order.
Ctrl + Down arrowMove slide or section down in order.
Ctrl + Shift + Up arrowMove slide or section to beginning.
Ctrl + Shift + Down arrowMove slide or section to end.
Shortcuts for Navigating Presentations
F5Command + Shift + ReturnStart presentation from the beginning.
Shift + F5Command + ReturnStart from current slide.
Alt + F5Opt + ReturnStart in Presenter view.
Right arrow
Down arrow
Page down
Right arrow
Down arrow
Page down
Advance slide or perform next animation.
Left arrow
Up arrow
Page up
Left arrow
Up arrow
Page up
Return to previous slide or perform previous animation.
HomeReturn to the first slide.
EndMove to last slide.
SStop or restart an automatic presentation.
Slide number + EnterSlide number + ReturnMove to a specific slide.
EscEscEnd presentation.
Other Shortcuts in Presentation Mode
Alt + PPlay or pause media.
Alt + QStop media playback.
(must select hyperlink first)
Open a selected hyperlink in the presentation.
Shift + Tab
Move between hotspots on a single slide.
Alt + UpIncrease volume.
Alt + DownDecrease volume.
Alt + UMute sound.
Alt + Shift + Page downMove forward 3 seconds.
Alt + Shift + Page upMove backward 3 seconds.
Ctrl + LCommand + LStart the laser pointer.
Ctrl + PCommand + PChange pointer to a pen.
Ctrl + ACommand + AChange pointer to an arrow.
Ctrl + EChange pointer to an eraser.
Ctrl + MShow or hide markups.
EEErase on-screen annotations.
RPre-record slide narrations and timing.

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