The Best Minecraft Seeds in 2023

A screenshot of a Minecraft world with custom shaders.

Seeds are strings of characters that exist at the core of every Minecraft game. They determine the type of terrain, the kind of biome you start at, and whether villages and structures will spawn near you. This list provides 12 of the best Minecraft seeds to use when creating your world.

1. Best for Villages: Triple Village Spawn

Seed: 8624896

Villages are one of the key parts of Minecraft. They have an easy supply of early game resources, such as wheat seeds, apples, and even iron ingots. Later on, villages are also useful for villagers and can be used for trading halls and automatic farms.

Village in a triple village Minecraft seed.

In Java Edition, this seed provides three villages within 500 blocks of each other. Further, it has a nearby ruined portal that can be used to quickly travel to the nether. This seed is perfect for players who want to have a quick head start in their world.

2. Best for Rare Biomes: Mushroom Continent Spawn

Seed: 108391

The Mushroom Field is a rare Minecraft biome that does not spawn any hostile mobs. This includes any caves that are generated underneath the overground terrain. It leads to the Mushroom Fields being a must-have biome if you want to play at a higher difficulty but also want a base without mobs.

Large Mushroom Fields biome.

The seed creates a massive Mushroom Field continent just southeast of the world’s spawn point. In Java Edition, this seed also has a Pillager Outpost in the southwest and a village further south.

3. Best for New Biomes: Cherry Grove Forest Spawn

Seed: 8763591791527787778

The Cherry Grove is a beautiful new biome with the latest Minecraft 1.20 update. It features a new tree type, the Cherry Blossom, along with its supplementary cherry wood logs, planks, and doors.

Large Cherry Grove biome.

The world spawns for this seed brings you in between two massive Cherry Grove biomes that can be used to explore the rest of the Trails and Tales update. Aside from that, the world spawn also has an ancient city underneath its surface. This makes it a great starting point for players who want to explore newer Minecraft content.

4. Best for Dungeons: Multiple Dungeons Spawn

Seed: 8118385381636118092

Dungeons are small, randomly generated structures that provide rare and valuable items that a player can use to jump start their game. For example, some dungeons contain saddles, golden apples and even hidden music discs.

Two dungeon spawners in the same vicinity.

This seed contains seven dungeons within 200 blocks of each other inside the world spawn area. It also has a Pillager Outpost, which means this seed can be used to quickly create raid and experience farms. It also makes it appealing to power gamers who want to create enchanted armor as early as possible.

Good to know: learn how to further optimize your game by installing Optifine in Minecraft.

5. Best for Rare Structures: Woodland Mansion Spawn

Seed: 6559966687314555730

The Woodland Mansion is an incredibly rare structure that often generates thousands of blocks away from your world’s spawn area. It contains some of the toughest mobs in the game and provides powerful loot, such as the Totem of Undying and Enchanted Golden Apples.

Woodland Mansion near the seed's spawn area.

This seed puts your world spawn just 500 blocks south of a large Woodland Mansion and you just 20 blocks west of a large Windswept Hills biome. It further makes it incredibly easy to gather ores and resources to raid the Woodland Mansion.

6. Best for Strongholds: Stronghold Spawn

Seed: -4500270273815716004

Strongholds are one of the oldest randomly generated structures in Minecraft. Introduced in version 1.0, they act as the gateway to the final boss of the game, the Ender Dragon, as well as the portal for the End City dimension.

Stronghold portal room in Minecraft.

This seed puts your character in the middle of three semi-complete strongholds, each between 800 and 1000 blocks away from the world spawn. You don’t need to spend countless Eyes of Ender just to enter the End and defeat the Ender Dragon.

7. Best for Mining: Badlands Spawn

Seed: -4824329093527814784

The Badlands is a unique type of biome that provides a variety of resources, such as Terracotta, Red Sand, and Coarse Dirt. Unlike traditional biomes, Badlands also provide a higher than usual spawn rate for Gold Ore and exposed mineshafts. This makes it incredibly useful for players who want to accumulate ores without strip mining.

Wooded Badlands biome in Minecraft.

This seed generates the world spawn area inside a massive Wooded Badlands biome. It also contains a large network of abandoned mineshafts where you can gather resources. It’s the ideal seed for players who want to do an exploration playthrough of a Minecraft world.

8. Best for Guardian Farming: Multiple Ocean Monuments

Seed: 1580299711645312562

Monuments are large, submerged structures that are often found in Deep Ocean biomes. They often contain Guardians and Elder Guardians, which provide Prismarine Shards and Wet Sponges, which are both useful if you are planning on creating Ocean-themed bases.

Ocean Monument and a village in Minecraft.

This seed puts your world spawn area close to a large inland sea that contains six complete monuments. It also sets your spawn point close to a highly stocked village near the coast.

Tip: learn how to extend your vanilla world by installing mods for Minecraft.

9. Best for Nether: Bastion and Nether Fortress Spawn

Seed: 7871756424466545780

With the release of Minecraft 1.16, the Nether has become one of the toughest dimensions in Minecraft. The combination of new hostile mobs, along with complex and difficult terrain, make it a challenging place, where you can explore and thrive.

Bastion Treasure Room in the Nether.

This seed aims to reduce that difficulty by putting both a Treasure Room Bastion and a Nether Fortress inside your Nether spawn region. You won’t need to explore as much Nether terrain to get both Blaze Rods and Ancient Debris.

10. Best for Survival Challenges: Tiny Jungle Island

Seed: 1479235289

Since the inception of Skyblock, survival challenge maps have been a staple in every Minecraft version. These often start the game with little to no resources and survive it.

Tiny Jungle island with a Jungle Temple.

This seed puts your character on a tiny jungle island in the middle of a vast ocean. It is also surrounded by three ocean monuments, making it hard to leave without causing damage and a major mining debuff from the lurking Guardians.

11. Best for End City Raiding: Triple End Cities

Seed: -6834885649417480859

End Cities are small floating islands that exist just beyond the horizon of the main Ender Dragon arena. They spawn when you defeat the dragon for the first time and contain highly valuable loot, such as Shulker Shells and the Elytra.

Two End Cities with Elytras inside them.

This seed makes it easier to obtain these resources by generating three End Cities just 900 blocks west of the dragon arena. All of them also contain the prized Elytra, allowing you to fly in survival mode.

12. Best for Creative Building: All Biome Spawn

Seed: -6803911068121937619

Biomes are an important part of every Minecraft world. They determine the types of resources that can be accessed, as well as the overall tone of any given region. Biomes can also be a source of creativity: a well-generated mountain can be the foundation of a large, sprawling castle or artificial volcano.

Minecraft world with diverse and close biomes.

Unlike other seeds, this brings you all of the available biomes in Minecraft within your spawn region. These include the rare Mushroom Fields island and the resource-rich Windswept Hills. This seed can be a great starting point if you are looking for a diverse creative world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is seed 0?

For the most part, a seed of 0 means that your Minecraft world is generated with little to no randomness. This is a result of a bug inside Minecraft’s seed parsing function. For example, typing “pollinating sandboxes” and “creashaks organzine” will produce the same seeds in Minecraft.

Aside from that, seed 0 can also be the result of an upgrade bug can could happen if you are playing in a world from Minecraft 1.8 and older and updated it to 1.20.

Do Minecraft seeds work offline?

Yes, because Minecraft seeds are just small strings of text that set the initial randomness of a world. You can use any seed you want, even if you aren’t connected to the Internet. Wondering whether Minecraft or Roblox is better for your child? We can help.

Is it possible to customize a seed to generate specific terrain?

No. Seeds only provide the starting point of a Minecraft world. The world generation algorithm still depends on the version that you’re currently running. For example, using the seed “MakeTechEasier” in Minecraft 1.0 will create a different terrain when you use it in 1.20.

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