12 of the Best Job Search Sites for Remote Work

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While many companies were forced to quickly change their tune on remote work during the pandemic, the reality is that momentum was already starting to swing in that direction, and there is no shortage of companies looking for new team members. The only question is, how to locate these coveted work-from-home roles. Keep reading to find some of the best job search sites for remote work.

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1. We Work Remotely

Price: Free

This minimalist site has been around for years and does a great job of putting remote jobs in front of you without any superfluous information. WeWorkRemotely (or WWR for short) receives job listings from potential employers, then splits them into various categories, including sales and marketing roles, product jobs, programming, and design.

We Work Remotely homepage

Roles that don’t fit perfectly into one of the above categories are also shown. Jobs are sorted by date, and when you click on a job, it will show a brief explanation about the company, role, job requirements, benefits/pay, etc.

Job post on Weworkremotely

To make the best use of the platform, take advantage of the advanced search feature or view the top trending remote job offers on the site. The latter also shows how many applicants have already applied for the job.

2. Working Nomads

Price: Free

Working remotely can also mean working anywhere in the world. For this, Working Nomads is a great resource.

Working Nomads homepage

There are many available job roles, including legal experts, marketers, designers, developers, writers, and more. Categories are listed on the side so that you can quickly go to a specific job type or start your search with the most recent job listing.

Each listing is tagged by salary, company, nature of the work, and whether a specific language requirement exists. Once inside a role, you’ll be able to apply and read a quick description of the role, company, and job requirements. If you want to look at the companies who have posted jobs, choose Companies from the top pane.

Remote companies section in WorkingNomads

There is also a Get Free Job Alerts section, where you can sign up to receive email job alerts.

3. Upwork

Price: Purchase required to apply

Whereas most job sites are about directly applying for a role, Upwork functions a little differently. On this site, you are able to submit proposals and apply for a role that is full-time, hourly, or part-time/freelance. Clients can also find you based on reputation and rating.

Getting started with Upwork

Get started by creating a profile with your portfolio, setting your ideal pay rate, then listing all of your available skills. The reviews your clients leave will also display on your profile, which can help the potential clients assess if you are the right person for the job.

Work can be found in development, design, finance/accounting, sales/marketing, and freelance writing. Job searches aside, Upwork also provides success stories and plenty of tips/blog posts to help you level up your search and skill set.

Job posts on Upwork

One aspect to be aware of when using Upwork is that you need to purchase connects to apply for jobs. Each job application requires a certain number of connects. If you get a job offer after sending the proposal, the connects will be returned to you. These connects also have an expiration period of one year if not utilized.

FYI: spend a lot of time on Google? Learn how to use Google to search for jobs.

4. Remote OK

Price: Free

Claiming to have a reach of more than one million remote workers, Remote OK is a great job aggregator. You can look at jobs worldwide or add a filter to make the list of jobs more geographically friendly.

RemoteOK webpage

Within each filter, you can break it down by the type of work you wish to pursue, including various development roles (Ruby, Full Stack, Javascript, etc.).

There are plenty of listings within marketing, including content and digital marketing, sales, sales development, and more.

Job Post on the Remoteok website

You will find several popular names listed on the platform: Twilio, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Amazon Web Services, SpaceX, and more. The interface is a little different than a traditional job board, but with advanced filtering. Finding exactly what you want shouldn’t be an issue.

5. NoDesk

Price: Free

NoDesk is a beautiful and fantastic site for finding remote work in a variety of fields. There aren’t a ton of results compared to some larger sites, but the quality is absolutely there. Jobs encompass customer support, marketing, operations, sales, engineering, and a host of other roles.

Jobs posted on Nodesk

Some of the roles include salary ranges that can vary wildly, but each role includes a company overview, responsibilities, and perks and benefits. Use the search bar to look for jobs that interest you, and apply right away.

Nodesk remote companies section on the web

This platform also has a Remote Companies section, which lists over 750+ remote-first and remote-friendly companies looking to hire talent.

6. Jobspresso

Price: Free

Jobspresso specializes in specific areas, like tech, marketing, and customer support. What sets Jobspresso apart is that its reputation is trusted by some big names in tech: Airtable, GitLab, Ubuntu, Indeed, Trello, Zapier, and more.

Jobspresso job posts

Not only can you search for jobs, but you can also post your résumé and wait for employers to contact you should you meet a job description. Creating a résumé will allow you to be considered first when you apply for a job and get email notifications when new jobs are posted.

Posting a resume on Jobspresso

The site claims more than 100,000 workers are looking for work across all of the available job listings at any given time.

Good to know: if you need help with your résumé, check out these Google Docs résumé templates.

7. FlexJobs

Price: ($23.95/ per month or $2.95 for two weeks)

Undoubtedly one of the better-known names in the remote workspace, FlexJobs is the self-proclaimed number-one site to find remote work. However, these opportunities come with a price tag.

Flex Jobs homepage

Once you pay the entry fee, you will find jobs in nearly every career corner, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone in medical and health, administrative, human resources, insurance, retail, or a call center job. FlexJobs also offers an iOS app for job hunting on the go.

Surprising Jobs section on the Flexjobs website

This platform has a Surprising jobs section that showcases the most unexpected and diverse remote and hybrid jobs that have been posted on the site.

8. Pangian

Price: Free

Another site, Pangian, claims it is the fastest-growing remote community worldwide. When you click on the Find a job button, it asks you to create a free candidate account before you can view the job postings.

Visit Pangian Homepage and browse for jobs

Once that is done, you can browse through job posts and become part of the site’s online community, to build professional relationships with like-minded individuals.

Pangian Job Board

If you find a job that you like and want to apply to later, click on the Save button, and come back to it when you are ready.

9. Fiverr

Price: Free

If you’re in the hunt for freelance work, Fiverr is one of the better-known options. Originally, the site was designed as part of the “gig” economy, where any service started at $5 and above, hence the name.

Fiverr Homepage

To get started, you will need to create a gig for the service that you are offering. Give it a title, choose a category, set a fixed price, and add some images and videos that best describe your service. Once your gig is live, potential employers will reach out to you for more information.

Gigs displayed on Fiverr

If you are looking to not only sharpen your skills but build a portfolio for future work, Fiverr is one of the best places on the Web to start. You’ll need to figure out how to stand apart from other creators, but if you do, the sky’s the limit. Apps for iPhone and Android make it easy to work or find work on the go.

Tip: Keep track of your clients with these CRM software options for freelancers.

10. ProBlogger

Price: Free

Let’s assume writing is your specific field of choice. If so, ProBlogger’s job board is one of the best job search locations around.

Best Job Sites Remote Work Probloggers

You can choose from contract, freelance, full-time or part-time work, with new listings posted daily. There is not a huge number of new postings every day, but new opportunities are available weekly.

Candidate dashboard in Problogger

Unlike most sites that offer fairly or very detailed job descriptions, ProBlogger’s results are often limited in scope, asking you to apply to learn more. If you can overlook that nuance, ProBlogger has been around for years and has helped freelancers find remote work the world over.

11. Virtual Vocations

Price: Free, Paid plan available

Virtual Vocations claims to have one of the largest databases of remote work positions. Job searchers can hunt by category, remote level (fully or partially remote), and narrow their search by state, employment status, and career level.

Virtual Vocations job board

If time zone is an important factor in your search, you can also filter results by time zone.

Virtual Vocations membership options

This platform is not entirely free. You can create a free account, but that will only allow you to browse and apply for some jobs. To make the best use of the platform, consider becoming a premium member, which offers many additional features, like résumé assessment and weekly group career coaching.

12. Remote.co

Price: Free

One of the best aspects of Remote.co is that it offers career coaching resources alongside its remote job boards. There are 35 separate questions related to remote work, with answers from 146 different companies that can help you better filter your search and expectations.

Remote Co Webpage

Additionally, you will find a bunch of popular articles, with tips on how to stay focused remotely, how to work while your children are home, etc., making Remote.co far more than just your average job board.

Remote.Co Job Board

At its heart, it is still a job board. There are remote jobs posted every day across a variety of fields and companies. Design, human resources, IT, virtual assistant, and online teaching jobs are just a few of the available categories.

As you look through these sites, you will undoubtedly find some repetition. As a potential employee, you will want to reach as many potential candidates as possible, so the more sites the merrier. However, there will not be any shortage of site-specific job postings, so don’t limit yourself to just one or two sites as you begin your job hunt.

Remote work has always been around and is here to stay. There are several tools you can make use of as a remote worker but specifically if you are a Mac user, you can make use of these macOS tips to improve your work-from-home experience.

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