How to Create Multiple Signatures in Gmail

Creating Multiple Gmail Signatures

Having a clear and concise email signature is extremely important. However, many of us use a single email account for multiple purposes, and you may not want the same information in a personal email signature as you would for a professional message. Luckily, you can create multiple Gmail signatures in a few simple steps.

How to Create Multiple Gmail Signatures

To create multiple Gmail signatures, you must start by accessing the signature settings within your Gmail account. These steps will walk you through the process:

Start by navigating to Settings -> See all settings from the main page of Gmail.

Multiple Gmail Signatures Settings Menu

Under the General tab, scroll down to the Signature section, then select Create new.

Multiple Gmail Signatures Create New

Name the signature so that you can distinguish it from other Gmail signatures, then press Create.

Multiple Gmail Signatures Name New Signature

From here, you can either use the provided text box and tools to create a basic signature, copy and paste an HTML email signature, or add a handwritten signature. Once you are happy with the signature, press Create New to design multiple Gmail signatures for the same email address. Be sure to press Save Changes at the bottom of the page when you are finished creating signatures.

Can I Create Multiple Signatures in Gmail Mobile?

Unfortunately, Gmail’s mobile app offers far less support for custom signatures than the Web version. You can add a single signature by going to Menu -> Settings, but it is limited to text only, and you cannot add multiple signatures or toggle between signatures when you compose a message.

Multiple Gmail Signatures Mobile

If you need to use different signatures, we advise you not use the mobile app to send messages.

How to Switch Between Gmail Signatures

Once you create all the Gmail signatures you need, it’s easy to switch between email signatures each time you compose a new message.

Start by composing a new message in Gmail. Before you send the message, click Signature (the pen icon) at the bottom of the screen.

Multiple Gmail Signatures Select Signature

Choose from the multiple signatures you created. The one you select will appear in the email. If you swap to a signature that isn’t your default, Gmail will replace the signature line with the one you selected.

Multiple Gmail Signatures Selection Menu

When you have all of the content of your email ready to go and have selected the Gmail signature you want to use, press Send.

How to Change Your Default Gmail Signature

After you create multiple Gmail signatures, you may find that you use one of them more often than the rest. In that case, you will want to set this preferred signature as the default option so that it is included in all new messages you compose without any action on your part.

Begin by going to Settings -> See all settings. From the General tab, scroll down to the Signature section, like you did when you created the signatures.

Find the subsection titled Signature Defaults. This is where you will choose the best option for your preferred signature.

Signature Defaults in Gmail

Use the drop-down boxes to select which signature you want. You have the option to select one under For New Emails and On Reply/Forward. These can be the same or different.

When you are happy with your selections, scroll to the bottom, and press Save Changes.

Do More With Gmail

Establishing multiple signatures in Gmail makes it easy to use a single inbox for multiple purposes. However, it’s not the only handy feature Google’s email tool has to offer. You can also create email templates in Gmail to spend less time writing common responses or answering frequent questions. Additionally, each time you work in your inbox, Gmail keyboard shortcuts can save you time.

Image credit: DepositPhotos. All screenshots by Megan Glosson.

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