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Which countries have free education?

These 10 Countries Offer Free Education To International Students. Time To Pack Your Bags!Germany. When it comes to excellent higher education at minimal or no cost, Germany tops the list. ... Norway. ... Sweden. ... Austria. ... Finland. ... Czech Republic. ... France. ... Belgium.More items...•Aug 23, 2016These 10 Countries Offer Free Education To International Students ...

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    ScHoolboy Q cites American East Coast rappers Nas, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and The Notorious B.

    , along with West Coast rappers Kurupt and 2Pac, as artists who influenced him: "But Biggie, Nas and 50 Cent [are my biggest influences]". [65] He claims Queens rapper Nas, is his all-time favorite rapper. [66] In several interviews, Schoolboy Q has stated 50 Cent is the biggest reason he started to take rapping and his music career seriously, even going as far as saying 50 Cent probably saved his life.

    [67] He has also stated the person he looks up to the most is hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, from whom he adopted the nickname "Puffy". [68] Rapping technique [ edit ]

  • 5 Discography
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    In 2009, Hanley was involved in a short-lived rivalry with fellow West Coast rapper 40 Glocc. Hanley released a diss track titled "Ezell (40 Glocc Killa)", where he questions 40 Glocc's gang-banging. Hanley later stated in a video interview as to why they were "beefing": "He made some false statements about my boy, Tyga, that's my little brother.

    He did a lot of fake stuff with Wayne, a lot of lies, rumors and childish shit that I really didn't like, and I really felt disrespected by this clown saying all this shit so I just had to like air it out". He went on to say "It's over with, I did what I did, I said what I said and I won't diss him no more, because it's obvious he ain't on my level. So why categorize myself with a loser?". [14] Hanley released Gangsta & Soul, his second mixtape on May 14, 2009, which included the aforementioned diss track.

    The mixtape was his first official project with Top Dawg, which presented the mixtape alongside G.

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    2 2010–12: Independent albums 2010–12: Independent albums [ edit ]

  • 6. 1 BET Awards
  • ^ "ScHoolboy Q "CrasH Talk" A Conversation WitH Lenard 'CTHaGod' McKelvey". On December 18, 2016, Schoolboy Q announced via social media that he would be releasing an album in 2017.

    [59] In February 2017, Schoolboy Q stopped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show and revealed that his new album was close to completion. He said he's grown a lot since he started his rap career and said his new project is going to show his evolution: "It’s more so my life after I made it to the point of ScHoolboy Q

    . I gave you me, but I never gave you the other side of me: the father, the dude that’s actually happy, the dude that doesn’t be in the hood just hanging out.

    The dude that's trying to put his homies in position now. I'm not a deadbeat father anymore. " [60] In June 2017, Schoolboy Q revealed on social media that he had made "like 50 songs" during the recording process of his fifth studio album.

    [61] On July 31, 2018, label president Top Dawg confirmed via Twitter that the album was "90-95% done. " [62] On September 15, 2018, Schoolboy Q announced that the album has been delayed due to the death of his longtime friend and frequent collaborator Mac Miller. [63] On March 11, 2019, Schoolboy Q announced "2 MORE DAYS" via his Instagram.

    The following day a behind the scenes video of Schoolboy Q working on new music was posted with the caption, "2morrow nigHt we back at it. " [64] Quincy Matthew Hanley was born October 26, 1986 on a military base in Wiesbaden, Germany. [2] [3] His parents divorced before he was born, and his mother gave him a surname different to those of both his parents, choosing one at random.

    [4] His father remained in the Army while his mother left and moved with Hanley to Texas for a couple years, before settling in California. [4] He grew up in South Central Los Angeles, California, on 51st Street, neighboring Figueroa and Hoover Street. He attended John Muir Middle School.

    [5] He claims to have been playing American football from the age of six years, up until he was 21. Hanley played receiver, cornerback, and tailback, and in college he played receiver and returner. Schoolboy Q started writing verses when he was in his teen years, but didn't seriously start writing self-proclaimed, fully devoted verses and lyrics until he was 21, stating that as he grew towards his legal years he started to realizing that music allowed "you. To let your aggression out, so you got to get in the booth and let it out.

    " On Quincy's internal struggle to survive the streets and make ends meet, while making a name for himself, he says "I was just lost; I didn't know what I wanted to do. I was just trying to do something. Then I found music and it was just over after that.

    I made my first little bit of money doing music, after that I wanted to get used to doing it, and I kept rapping. Then it became something that I had to do. " [10] Musical career [ edit ] 2006–09: Career beginnings [ edit ]

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    " [65] He says he chooses to not always do the traditional style of rapping, having no restrictions when he raps: "But at the same time, it's just a feeling I can't really explain. You got to be wiser to stay on the track, but there's no rules. When you start rapping with rules, it’s when you start sounding boring.

    You may hear me fuck with my voice, you may hear me do a two-bar pause, you may hear me do an odd 33 bars instead of 30. Give you 14 bars instead of 16. " [65] Schoolboy Q has said: "what I get from 50 [Cent] is a lot of aggression", in a 2012 interview, adding "he basically birthed my whole style".

    [2] ScHoolboy Q has been called very versatile with his rapping, as proven on his albums Setbacks and Habits & Contradictions. LA Weekly noted on Setbacks: "His style had begun to take shape, with his penchant for stretching vowels like Silly Putty or slurring a word and then snapping back into double time. " [19] Personal life [ edit ]

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    CrasH Talk debuted at #3 on Billboard's top 200.

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    . New York: Prometheus Global Media. Growing up on Hoover Street, Hanley joined a street gang called the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips: "I was gang-banging at 12.

    My homies were doing it and I wanted to do it. I didn't get into it with another hood or anything like that.

    I was just following the leader. " Before turning to music, Hanley became a drug dealer selling Oxycontin, and for a short time crack and marijuana. [7] In 2007, he was arrested for a crime he, at the time, would not disclose and says he was sent to jail for six months, half of which he finished on house arrest.

    [4] [7] He later revealed on reddit that it was related to a home invasion but did not go into detail. [8] In an interview with Montreality, when asked what jobs he held as a teenager, he noted that aside from selling drugs, stealing, and gang banging, he used to put air in bikes at an auto shop on 49th and Figueroa Street, when he was 10 years old. His first big pay check was around $20,000 from his first rap records.


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    On February 24, 2016, TDE founder, Top Dawg, announced Schoolboy Q's fourth album would be released before the summer. [48] On April 5, 2016, Schoolboy Q released a single titled "Groovy Tony"

    . [49] On April 28, 2016, Schoolboy Q announced the album was completed and was turned in for mixing.

    [50] On May 13, 2016 a follow-up single featuring Kanye West, titled " That Part", was released. [51] On May 31, 2016, Schoolboy Q revealed his second major-label album would be released July 8, 2016. [52] On June 14, 2016, Schoolboy Q revealed that his second major-label album would be titled Blank Face LP, while also unveiling the album's cover art.

    [53] The album cover makes use of the notorious Crying Jordan meme. [54] [55] However, a few days later, in an interview with TMZ, Schoolboy Q revealed he was " trolling" his fans and later revealed the official album cover. [56] In June 2016, Schoolboy Q performed a live rendition of "That Part", in a medley with "Groovy Tony", on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

    [57] [58] 2016–present: CrasH Talk [ edit ] Schoolboy Q revealed why he capitalizes the letter H in all his words when he tweeted: "wHy my H always capitalized???? HIIIPOWER X HIPPY X HOOVER X HEAVEN & HELL AKA MY LIFE. " [72] Discography [ edit ]

  • 2. 5 2016–present: CrasH Talk Hanley has said he wrote his first verse when he was 16, but was not serious about music until he was 21.

    Music became his way of expressing himself. [11] In 2006, he began to work with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), a Carson-based independent record label, recording at their studio House of Pain and collaborating with their artists. His first time at TDE's studio, Hanley worked with his soon to be Black Hippy cohorts Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.

    This eventually led to Hanley signing a recording contract with TDE. On July 29, 2008, Hanley released his first mixtape titled Schoolboy Turned Hustla, with G. , the same imprint that helped launch the career of fellow West Coast rapper Tyga, with whom Schoolboy Q worked with early in their respective careers.

    After the release of Schoolboy Turned Hustla, he signed a deal with Top Dawg Entertainment in 2009, where he later formed Black Hippy, with fellow label-mates and frequent collaborators, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul. [12] [13]

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  • ^ Insanu Ahmed (February 3, 2012). "Who Is Schoolboy Q? – His group, Black Hippy". "ScHoolboy Q Uses Jordan Cry Face for New Album Cover, Everyone Loses It". His first daughter, Joyce "Joy" Hanley, was born on April 24, 2009 [69] and his second daughter was born on January 4, 2019. [70] Schoolboy Q has mentioned Joy in several of his songs, and she has also appeared in several of his music videos, notably "Phenomenon", "Nightmare on Figg St.

    ", "There He Go" and " Break the Bank". [20] Schoolboy Q's daughter was also involved in his major-label debut album Oxymoron, where she appeared on the album cover and had various speaking parts throughout the album. [71]

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