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Why is there no school on Wednesday in France?

The idea of a weekday off dates to 1882, when secular primary education became compulsory in France: a day without classes, then Thursday, was to allow for religious education outside school. In 1972 a government decree fixed Wednesday instead as the mandatory day off. With time, a cult has taken hold.Sep 21, 2013Weird about Wednesday - France - The Economist

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  • St Cloud State University, Alnwick
  • University of Wales Lampeter – Merged with Trinity University College to form University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • The Aga Khan University (International) in the United Kingdom, London
  • Trinity University College, Carmarthen – Merged with University of Wales, Lampeter to form University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • Federal University of Surrey – Divided into University of Surrey and Roehampton University
  • University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, Cardiff – Merged with University of Wales College Cardiff to form University of Wales, Cardiff (now Cardiff University)
  • Samford University London Study Centre, London
  • Randolph College, Reading
  • Luther College Study Centre, Nottingham Universities in British overseas territories [ edit ]
  • Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College, Dublin, Belfast
  • Mason Science College, Birmingham – Merged to form Mason College, now the University of Birmingham
  • University College Scarborough – taken over by University of Hull
  • Victoria University of Manchester – Merged to form Manchester University
  • Royal University of Ireland, Belfast, Cork and Galway – Closed, replaced by National University of Ireland
  • Advanced Studies in England Ltd, Bath
  • University of Wales:
  • Wroxton College of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Banbury
  • Harding University, London
  • Global Education Oregon in London, London
  • Ulster Polytechnic – Merged with New University of Ulster to form University of Ulster
  • NYU in London, London
  • St George's International School of Medicine Ltd, Winchester
  • Harlaxton College, Grantham (part of the University of Evansville [16])
  • University of Northampton (1261–1265) (not to be confused with the current University of Northampton, which has no direct connection with the medieval foundation) Former University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) main building, now used by The University of Manchester
  • MUN (UK) Ltd, Old Harlow (part of Memorial University [18])
  • University of Chicago Booth School of Business, London
  • Hollins University, London
  • Victoria University, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds – Merged with Owen's College, Manchester, to form Victoria University of Manchester; Other colleges become University of Leeds and University of Liverpool
  • Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, Farnham and Epsom – Merged to form University for the Creative Arts
  • Lawrence University London Centre
  • James Madison University, London There are 40 "Overseas Higher Education Institutions" that have been approved for student visa purposes by the UK Government as offering "an overseas course of degree level study that's equal to a UK higher education course". [12] [13] There us also one overseas universities that is a "listed body", offering courses leading to a UK degree from a "registered body".

    [14] The following are approved overseas higher education institutions and foreign universities that are listed bodies in the UK, with their UK locations:

  • Syracuse University London Program, London
  • Girne American University Canterbury, Canterbury
  • Marischal College, Aberdeen (1593–1858) – Merged with King's College, Aberdeen to form University of Aberdeen
  • University of Notre Dame, London
  • American University of the Caribbean, Southall
  • Grinnell College (Grinnell-in-London), London
  • New University of Ulster – Merged with Ulster Polytechnic to form University of Ulster
  • Pepperdine University UK Ltd, London
  • Fordham University, London
  • Amity University [IN] London, London (listed body [14] providing courses leading to UK degrees from the University of Northampton and the University of Bolton [15])
  • University of North London – Merged with London Guildhall University to form London Metropolitan University Note: while based in the UK, these are not considered UK Universities and are not recognised as UK degree-awarding bodies by the British government.
  • Swansea Metropolitan University – Merged with University of Wales Trinity Saint David Foreign universities with campuses in the United Kingdom [ edit ]
  • Ithaca College, London
  • Boston University London Programme, London
  • Valparaiso University Study Center, Cambridge
  • Wisconsin in Scotland Trust, Dalkeith (part of University of Wisconsin, River Falls [19])
  • Florida State University International Programs Association UK, London
  • St. Lawrence University (USA) London Programme, London
  • Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Oxford
  • Teikyo University of Japan in Durham, Durham
  • Queen's University of Ireland, Belfast, Cork and Galway – Closed, replaced by Royal University of Ireland
  • Bader International Study Centre, Hailsham (part of Queen's University, Canada [17])
  • University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) – Merged to form University of Manchester
  • University College Salford – Merged with the University of Salford
  • University of Wales, Newport – Merged with University of Glamorgan to form University of South Wales
  • Central University of Iowa, London
  • Georgetown University (USA) UK Initiatives Organisation, London
  • Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, London
  • Stetson College of Law Autumn in London Program, London
  • University of North Carolina, London
  • Arcadia University, Holborn
  • University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff – merged with Cardiff University.

    School Shooting Facts